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Built by Pharmacists, for Pharmacists.

When we set out to create a trusted online collaboration platform specifically for the likes of Pharmacists, we wanted to be sure that it met the highest expectations. With input from active Pharmacists, we were able to launch Pharmacist Society in 2010.

From clinical to retirement.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic area for students and Pharmacists alike to leverage the power of social media and gain useful knowledge into their field. We’re ready to make a positive impact!

Unlock the power of collaboration with our verification process.

What sets us apart from the competition is our unique verification process. You can rest assured that users within Pharmacist Society are all verified by their student or state licensing credentials. See for yourself, get started here.


Pharmacist Society is the hub for verified Pharmacist to communicate and collaborate.


The Stream is a customized compilation of activities unique to you and those you’re following. In this real-time display, you are able to view and act on detailed social aspects of the network. As a user, you’re also able to post in the stream to gain valuable feedback from other verified users.


Curbside Consult

The Curbside Consult area is a Pharmacist's best friend. Users are encouraged to post their toughest cases or industry conundrums for feedback. This area is specifically organized by subject and category to create a simple compilation of valuable content for future reference without repetition.



Groups are ideal spaces to stay up-to-date on product offers, new treatment options, and special programs and offerings, all specific to Pharmacists.



Built to keep you challenged, Games are structured around Board Review questions that help to keep things fresh. View games, compete against your peers and climb the leaderboard all in one place.



We have specifically curated content around the Pharmacist profession. Our news area provides the most up-to-date information on drug releases, FDA alerts, related studies and current issues relevant to healthcare professions worldwide.



This is your personal space that highlights your recent interactions in Pharmacist Society. Other users are able to see what your interests are, where you’ve been active on the site, and make a connection.


Anywhere. Everywhere. Always.

Stay connected to through the Pharmacist Society Mobile App. Available for iPhone, Android phones, iPad and Android Tablet.


Engage with colleagues, read the latest news, and respond to the latest clinical cases via Curbside Consult, and more.


Get the same features from our iPhone App on the Android Platform

What is social?
Social is here to stay! But what makes Pharmacist Society uniquely social is the user’s ability to follow, invite and share every piece of content or conversations on the network. We’ve created an experience that allows you be the driving force behind your collaboration and communication possibilities. Join Pharmacist Society and see for yourself!
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We welcome your feedback because we strive to add value to your daily life as an Pharmacist. After all, this network was created by Pharmacists, for Pharmacists. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions or concerns.